You want to know more about us? You think you can get us to talk? Gladly! We'd love to share more about our unique video business model; our dedicated, passionate, and creative team; and all the other cool stuff about GCF.

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In the simplest of terms, we tell your story! We tell it by transforming it into beautiful visuals, adding the bells and whistles, and our secret sauce... creativity.

But we don't stop there. In our years of video production, we've noticed that many businesses hire us (or anyone) to create a video, and then what? Many businesses don't have the time, know-how or resources to put it to work.

This is how we've stumbled upon our unique business model. We're kind of a hybrid, or maybe a really cool mutt (like a bulldog and boxer mix or labradoodle). We're creators, marketers, and business people; we understand each perspective and mold our video creativity and video strategy around that. You're not just getting a video. You're getting creative content, marketing, strategy, and most importantly, a partner.




Funny you should ask (we get this question a lot)... our name comes from our belief and purpose.

Green = Money
Clock = Time
Films = Films or video

Because we're more than just creatives, we understand that for businesses 'TIME IS MONEY.' We believe that a great video should help achieve goals and SHOULD NOT take 6 months and $50K to produce. We're creative, efficient, and strategic - and that's how we're able to help businesses see success without going in the red or dedicating too much valuable time.



We are creators, marketers, entrepreneurs, writers... and the list goes on! You can't put us in a box; mainly because we probably wouldn't fit, but creatively our talents and ideas are too big, too!

You won't find a more passionate and dedicated video team to partner with. We're successful because we are able to immerse ourselves in your organization, product, service, story... whatever it might be, and together we can make something pretty amazing.

We're growing and changing all the time; get to know some of the GCF peeps that make it all happen.




A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I am a passionate, faith-based entrepreneur who takes pride in my everyday commitments to family, team, clients and community. My strong leadership is felt on the set of any shoot I direct and I work to make the process easy and effective. When i’m not closing business deals and directing i’m is letting my competitive nature shine through, playing several sports and being a dedicated family man to my wife and two children.

MY WHY: Since the 5th grade I have been excited and passionate about filmmaking. I saved up all of my hard earned chore money to buy my first video camera…. back in the day of Mini DV tapes. I started recording my life. Whether is was short movies, Seinfeld reenactments, sports, or pranks. Everywhere I went I took the camera with me.



A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I have a passion for organizing, video, and editing. Everyday, I strive for quality communication among the team and with clients. When I’m not at the office or making sure shoots run smoothly, I spend my time with friends and family, catching up on Netflix shows or diving into a good book.

MY WHY: When I first saw a video camera on a family vacation to Disney World, I was curious and couldn’t stop asking “Can I see in there?” And from then on my love for video grew. Growing up, I was always taking videos of my friends (sometimes against their will) and soon found my passion for editing the videos I was creating.



A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I’m an entrepreneur enthusiast, with a passion for growing businesses to their maximum potential. With a background in training and employee development I knows what it takes to ensure the client has an engaging and memorable experience during every interaction. In my free time, you’ll find me enjoying the outdoors with my husband, whether on a hike or playing sports,  or snuggled up on the couch with my bulldog, Kingston.

MY WHY: As an extra in many of my brother’s films growing up, I became familiar with video early in life. And the creativity I saw in those videos carried on to many other areas of my life. I was always looking to make things better, funnier or more interesting in any way I could. And now I get to do it for a living!



A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I am a narrative creator who loves to communicate visually through video and animation. I bring a positive energy and work hard to ensure all client needs are met. If I’m not writing or shooting videos, I’m either spending time with friends and family or devouring chocolate ice cream.

MY WHY: I have this habit of creating various character’s and stories that I constantly play out in my head. I love to visualize these characters emotions and movements. I’ve been doing this my whole life so I fell in love with video and film because it’s visual story telling.



A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I’m a creative mind that specializes in graphic design, strategic marketing, and dynamic storytelling. My ten years (+) of marketing experience coupled with project management skills, aid in providing clients with innovative and powerful videos that accomplish marketing goals. When I’m not developing the next creative way to help businesses grow, I love spending time with my husband (Zach) and two children (Goldie & Zander), playing sports, and enjoying a good TV series.

MY WHY: I’ve been blessed with talents and skills in both creativity and analytical tasks (though I definitely consider myself more right brain than left, probably a 70/30 split). I knew early on that I wanted to go into a field like marketing where there’s a great match of being creative (not only in visuals, but strategy), and being analytical, tracking results, adjusting methods based on numbers and business goals and taks and so on.




A LITTLE ABOUT ME:The most important thing for me is to remain genuine, honest, and kind. I love coming to work everyday and I try to let my love for the job shine through in the projects I am a part of.

MY WHY: My dream is to craft videos that make people say “Wow!”. Not only do I want to step outside the box to find compelling stories, but I also work to find new ideas WITHIN the box. The most important thing for me is to remain genuine, and I believe that if you remain open to the experiences of your own personal story, you can better help others to find theirs.