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Video is the language of dreamers because the one thing that connects us all is stories. Let us help you drive change, compell people and show the world your vision!

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Your dream demands attention.

Stop us if this sounds familiar: you have a world-changer mindset. You have a big, Godly dream and you take steps every day toward making that dream a reality; you won’t stop at anything to make it happen.

You’ve also hit some roadblocks along the way. You’ve struggled to communicate your dream to your team, stakeholders, or community, and even though you want to make a bigger impact, you feel like you’ve reached the limit of what you can do on your own.

Let’s get you unstuck. We work with mission-driven leaders like you to make a difference through what we call a “high-impact film.”

Check out these dreamers

boldy sharing their vision with the world. Are you ready to join them?


On a mission to end homelessness in Dane County, we created a film for Porchlight that aided in generating over $1M in fundraising.

Chef Dave & Little John’s

Madison restauranteur is launching a pay-what-you-can restaurant. Watch how we used a high impact film to tell his story.

Dane County District Attorney

We worked with the Dane County DA’s office to bring awareness to the uprising of gun violence through stories of local residents.

A high impact film grabs attention, pulls out emotions, and drives viewers to take action.

Cinema-quality films use a combination of raw interview and narrative visuals to tell a real-life story.


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