high impact films for mission driven leaders

impact lives  •  change the world for the better •  inspire people to take action

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you have big goals – godly goals.


But how do you do more, reach more and impact more? High Impact Film. A raw, documentary style video that is so powerful, your audience will feel compelled to take action toward your mission. And that’s where we come in. 

We’re Green Clock. 

Imagine having a video that doesn’t just tell people the difference you are making, it helps people FEEL the difference in every bone in their body. 

If you have big goals this year and want to continue the massive impact you’ve been making on others, then you know you need something big to reach those goals.

We can help. We can make your customers FEEL the difference you are making and we’re ready to get to work.



The Dreamer: Dane County District Attorney’s Office

The Dream: Put an end to gun violence in Dane County

How they are changing the world: Bringing awareness to the uprising of gun violence in Dane County through the stories of several DC residents

How we helped: Through creation of a high impact film, we shared their stories and helped their audience not only be aware of the issue but feel it as well

The Dreamer: Rosenbauer Heros-Titan Pro

The Dream: Equip firefighters with the best and safest technology to protect them and the people they serve

How they are changing the world: Bringing awareness to firefighters across America of the safest helmet in the industry through one man’s story

How we helped: Through creation of a high impact film, we shared the real life story of an American firefighter

The Dreamer: Chef Dave Heide with Little John’s

The Dream: Provide fresh food to everyone and support organizations working to end food insecurity

How he is changing the world: Opening a pay-what-you-can restaurant with real chefs and real kitchen equipment

How we helped: By using high impact film, we drew out Chef Dave’s story to be used to find the funding he needs to support this dream

a high impact film is for you if:


You aren't afraid to stand up for what you believe in


You are a dreamer and won't stop until you achieve your dreams


You have Godly goals


You are on a mission to change the world


You know you can do more


You want to change the lives of others drastically

here’s how we’ll support you and your dream:


1. The Dream

First we’ll uncover everything we can about your dream and how you want to impact the lives of others


2. The Plan

Then we’ll create a plan and strategy to support you in meeting your Godly goals with a high impact film

3. The Shoot

Next, we’ll schedule and prepare for the shoot 

4. The Edit

This stage is where your story will come to life

5. The Impact

Lastly, you’ll have your high impact film to start sharing with others

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