About Us

Time is Money


At Green Clock, the age-old saying “time is money” is more than a cute slogan—it’s the driving force behind everything we do for our clients. (Seriously… it’s even in our name. Green = money; Clock = time.) 

You’ve worked hard to get your business where it is. That work likely involved a lot of time and money. We believe video marketing should help you grow your business, not suck your bottom line.  

Our team of video pros is ready to help you attain the business you’ve always dreamed of through powerful and effective video marketing. 

Meet Your New Video Team

Our full-time team of video pros is ready help


Zach Nigh

Owner & Chief Problem Solver

Tara Hembree

Director of Maximization

Emily Belz

VP of Miscellaneous Stuff

Caleb Jahr

The Video Ninja

Anne Krohn

Narrative Director

Maria Nigh

Creative Connoiseur

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