Rosenbauer Case Study

Making fire fighting safer.

Based in Austria, Rosenbauer is one of the largest manufacturers of fire-service vehicles and firefighting equipment. Together, we worked to raise awareness of their fire helmet in the US. 

Project Objectives


Initiate Brand Awareness in the United States


Compel Target Audience to Engage with Landing Page


Share an Incredible Firefighter's Story

The Problem

Engage American firefighters to encourage the use of a new, cutting-edge helmet. 

Our Solution

Launch a narrative-based film campaign sharing one firefighter’s incredible story, highlighting product features and building awareness.

We implemented promotional and advertising videos and several 5-week brand awareness ad campaigns on YouTube and Facebook, as well as consulted on website and landing pages.

This high-end project included an 8 hour production with a 4 person crew and a 28 day turnaround. In the end, we provided Rosenbauer with 1 cinematic testimonial, 2 short version ads and 5 teaser videos focusing on the product features.

It was great to work with your team, you guys are top-notch professionals and I was very impressed!

-Captain anthony chapman

Advertising Results At a Glance




Video Views


Website Clicks


Avg time on page 
YouTube - 6 Week Campaign

Ad Spend: $3,400
Impressions: 259,000 (saw the ad)
Views: 144,000 (watched over 30 seconds)
View Rate 55.57%
Average cost per view: $0.02
Clicks to website: 762
Average cost per click: $4.46

Facebook - 6 Week Campaign

Ad Spend: $4,510
Impressions: 1,206,028 (saw the ad)
Views: 490,369 (watched over 5 seconds)
Average cost per view: $0.01
Clicks to website: 25,912
Average cost per click: $0.17

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