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Do you have a video idea in mind for yourself, your business, or your organization? We’re here to help! Check out our top 10 things you need to know before scheduling your video!

1. What is your video about? Are you looking for a quick advertisement, event coverage on your nonprofit’s upcoming benefit, an intra-company reflection on business over the last few years? If it can be done with video, we’re there.

2. What kind of approach do you want to take? Interviews and personal testimonials or fast-paced action sequences? Graphics, music, or a minimalist approach? A little bit of everything? If you know what you want, but you’re not sure how to get there, we can help.

3. Who is the audience? Is this going out to the general public, to prospective clients or to fellow employees? Knowing who your audience is allows you to think about what information to include in your video.

4. When do you need your video by? For us to know our deadline, you need to know your deadline. Make sure to give yourself enough time to review the video and let us make any changes before you need to show it to your audience. You don’t want a sub-par video going out because you didn’t have enough time to send your feedback!

5. What is your Call to Action? At the end of almost every video you watch, there will be some sort of information that tells you to do something or go somewhere. This can be a website to visit or a number to call. Whatever it is, make it good – because that’s the last thing your audience will see!

6. What is your budget? How much money would you like to spend on your video? Knowing your budget is very important in starting this process because it allows us to let you know everything that can be included in your video to make it the best it can be!

7. What’s the purpose and placement? Where is this video going to end up? If you want lots of eyes on the end product, you may want to consider a higher budget. Or, if it’s an internal video you can save on the budget by keeping it simple and straightforward.

8. Are you willing to push the boundaries? We have an entire team of creative minds that are working to make the most impactful videos possible. Try to keep an open mind to out-of-the box ideas that might just take your video to the next level.

9. Think about how you’ll distribute your video… Is it going on your website, social media, TV? Once you know this, we can offer advice on the best techniques to get your video out there.

10. We are here as your video partner – we’ve got your back… Have you contacted us yet?

Give us a call at 608.807.1109 or send us an email at

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